Kelly Cutrone speaks her mind {@peoplesrev}

We've expressed our admiration for the fabulous Kelly Cutrone here on the Her Voice blog in the past and a recent article in Advertising Age magazine only further supports our claim that she is amazing! Kelly is getting ready to join the panel of judges for the upcoming season of America's Next Top Model, taking over for Andre Leon Talley, who is leaving the show.

In the article, Kelly describes one jam-packed week in her life, following it up with the statement "I don't feel like I'm at a point in my life where I have to answer to anyone about my business model." Well, she shouldn't have to answer to anyone because clearly her business model is working. Aside from running her agency People's Revolution, she rules the reality TV space with previous shows on MTV and Bravo. She has also written two fabulous books and serves as a special contributor to Dr. Phil.

The positive attention she brings to the field of public relations can only help to educate and encourage others who have a desire to work in the industry. We're positive there are only more great things to come from Ms. Cutrone and we feel pretty excited to be working in the same arena!

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