My Summer Internship at Fletcher Marketing PR


About Me

untitled-3My name is Sophia Abouelata, and I worked as a summer intern for Fletcher PR. I will be going into my senior year at UT Knoxville, where I’m working to get my BFA in Studio Art with my primary focus in photography. Although I’m coming up to my final year of school, I have little to no idea of what I want to do after I graduate. I was hoping that a summer internship would help give me some indication. With little insight in to the professional world, I was eager to learn more about marketing and how it can be used to further businesses and brands. Despite having many jobs before, this was my first internship in a professional setting. As excited as I was to start, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. But it turned out to be one of the best work experiences I’ve had.

What this internship has meant to me

As someone who is a very indecisive person, I had absolutely no hesitation taking the opportunity to intern for the summer at Fletcher Marketing PR. From what I saw on the website, it was clear to me that this office environment was filled with strong, career driven women who I knew I could learn a lot from. And how right I was! Being new to the professional world and having little to no experience with programs such as Excel, I was a bit worried about how I’d do. However, there really is something to be said about women supporting other women. The team was very patient with me along the way. I never felt annoying about asking questions because they were always willing to help. When I messed up they never made me feel bad; they showed me how to do better.

I was also given real work right away, despite being new to the group. This really made me feel part of the team, because I was contributing more to the office then I expected I would— being only an intern. I was involved in research assistance, social media design and communication. Through this, I learned a lot about how to relate to clients in a unique and personal way— something I’ll certainly carry with me in my professional future.

Going Forward

I think most people can agree with me when I say that senior year can be scary. It’s the final time before we’re living in the “real world” and many feel the pressure of life after college approaching quickly. As I enter my final year in school, however, I’m much more confident about my future than I was at the beginning of the summer. Due to the responsibility and support the team a Fletcher gave me in my short time here, I’m much more comfortable in a work environment. It’s given me a foundation in the work place, as well as the tools to better myself professionally.

Where I was anxious and unsure of myself before, I feel much more capable and inspired for the next chapter in my life. For that, I would like to thank the wonderful women at Fletcher Marketing PR!

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