Tactics to Build Trust to Improve Business Outcomes

This installment of Ms. InterPReted delves into the significance of trust and how to use public relations to establish connections with your intended audience. Trust stands out as a pivotal element for brands, akin to the currency driving revenue and defining business success. Consider it the cornerstone upon which consumer decisions hinge. A striking statistic reveals that 71% of individuals exhibit a greater inclination to patronize brands they trust—a figure that escalates notably among the Gen Z demographic.

Gone are the days when speedy, polished sales pitches held sway. Modern consumers crave authenticity, transparency, and meaningful connections for enduring impact.

Fletcher vice president, Sarah Merrell and our director of media relations, Allison Lester offer advice on how to build trust with your customers.

Tactics discussed:

  • Media Relations
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Thought Leadership
  • Consistent Branding
  • Proactive Solicitation of Testimonials

By prioritizing trust-building efforts in your public relations strategies, you can cultivate a loyal customer base and differentiate your brand in a competitive marketplace.

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