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    TV's Portrayal of Public Relations

    The workplace is a popular setting for some of today’s most beloved television shows (The Office, Law & Order, Gray’s Anatomy, and 30 Rock to name a few). From hospitals and police precincts to radio stations and automotive garages, just about every workplace imaginable has been used as a backdrop. There’s a new show on NBC called Free Agents that caught our attention because it’s a sit-com where the workplace happens to be an advertising & public relations agency.

    It’s always interesting to see portrayals of public relations professionals in popular culture, especially taking into consideration the work members of the industry have done over the years to build our reputations as practitioners. The male-dominated pr team on Free Agents is led by Hank Azaria’s character Alex. In one episode they are trying to come up with a way to market umbrellas to men and Alex’s assistant Emma (played by Natasha Leggero) is the one who eventually thinks of the winning strategy to save the account…girl power, anyone?

    As a Knoxville PR agency, FletcherPR has been dedicated to setting itself apart from the rest, focusing on identifying our clients’ female consumers and reaching them in strategic ways. Sometimes the field of public relations gets simplified down to “event planning.” While planning events is an important part of our business and a valuable tactic in many public relations campaigns, there is so much more to it than that.

    We’ve worked with our Knoxville PR clients as well as the ones across the country to reach women through the power of media and we love that this makes us unique. We’re also not too surprised that the guys on Free Agents ended up needing a female perspective to help them get going in the right direction. Sometimes it just takes a woman’s touch! If your business could use some help identifying key stakeholders, crafting meaningful messages or getting your words across, give us a call! The team here at FletcherPR is always excited to help.

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