Marketing to Women, B2B

Did you know that female-owned businesses are the fastest-growing business segment in our economy today? According to, thousands of businesses owned by women are starting up every day across the country. When it comes to B2B marketing, taking this into consideration is a smart move for anyone trying to maneuver this playing field. lists the following facts about women business owners:

  • The number of businesses owned by women increased 20 percent during a recent five-year period, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, while the revenues produced by those firms jumped 15 percent.
  • Female CEOs running major U.S. corporations grew from nine to a record 12 in 2007, according to USA Today [as of last year, 15 Fortune 500 companies were run by women]
  • Women business owners are growing rapidly in “non-traditional” industries like construction, manufacturing, transportation, communications, and public utilities.
  • Women business owners are more likely than their males counterparts to embrace technology as part of their strategy and more likely to have a website with purchasing capability.

These are just a few insights in the world of female-owned businesses. It’s important to change the way we think about business when marketing to women…that much is clear. But at the same time, women are also changing the ways in which they do business. It will take much diligence to remain ahead of the game in the world of B2B marketing, but we believe it’s completely possible. With our knowledge about what women want, FletcherPR is looking to the future and excited about the prospects of working with you!

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