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    Handling Stress and Burnout in the Modern Workplace

    Booth Andrews is an accomplished lawyer and entrepreneur who has also shared her powerful story and experience with stress, burnout and recovery. Along the way, she has served as an invaluable resource and help to those experiencing stress and burnout. 
    Today, all of us feel the impact of stress and burnout in one way or another. It could be we feel a little extra jittery at the start of the week, or maybe it even prevents us from doing what we need to in our professional and personal lives. Regardless, we need to always try and actively combat and healthfully balance our our stressors. 

    In Booth Andrews's career, she experienced her own burnout for years but it reached its peak when she went from a successful CEO of a $5 million non-profit, mom of 3, community leader and triathlete to unemployed, broke, divorced, severely ill and separated from her community. 

    Over time, Booth found the keys to balancing her stressors so that her burnout and its impact would never impact her the same way again. Booth also found that sharing her story and her journey back was helpful to others in understanding that they are not alone. She now runs the Knoxville, Tennessee based company, the Booth Andrews company.
    In this episode of MsInterPReted, CEO Kelly Fletcher talks with Booth about a variety of topics pertaining to balancing stress levels and burnout, including: 
    • Knowing your limits and respecting those boundaries 
    • Giving yourself permission to heal 
    • The physiological impacts of stress
    • Dealing with trauma 
    • De-stigmatizing mental health 
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