#MsInterPReted - Leslie Beale: Women & Work in the Post-Pandemic

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Leslie Beale of Profusion Strategies in Knoxville, TN, joins Kelly and Mary Beth on #MsInterPReted for her reflections in spring 2021, as the business world contends with "new-normals" running alongside continuous additional changes, brought about by COVID-19.

Leslie, Kelly and Mary Beth talk about the internal workforce implications of the pandemic on business owners, and how companies can best navigate additional onslaughts of workplace change, expectations and demands during the economic recovery.

Lessons learned and how the pandemic has specifically impacted women in the workforce headline the topics discussed.

Leslie Beale of Profusion Strategies advises companies and organizations on internal development and workforce needs.

As just one aspect of her work, Leslie help clients build awareness of how they are perceived in the workplace… And she helps build strategies to address their weaknesses and highlight their strengths -- very much in alignment with the strategic work Fletcher Marketing PR delivers to clients on the communications- and brand-management side.

On this episode, Leslie joins Kelly and Mary Beth to:
  • speak about the future of remote work and its impact on team trust and cohesiveness
  • peel back the layers of what drives relationships, authenticity and trust 
  • discuss emerging trends that will continue impacting workforce performance standards and expectations … both from the employer perspective and the employee perspective
  • cover the issue of managing business-owner stress
  • delve into whether the "Lean In" mantra of the past decade makes good mental-wellness sense anymore
  • explore how the call-to-action has intensified for employers to offer stronger flexibility, to provide pathways for emotional wellness resources, and to offer more heart to their staff teams
  • recommend how to best begin ramping up now for 2022 Strategic Planning
... and more. 

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