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    “The Power of the Purse: How to Design & Execute a PR Campaign that Resonates with Women”

    We've all heard about the proverbial 'glass ceiling' in the workplace...the one that kept women in positions with equal (or greater) workloads than men, but somehow bringing home smaller paychecks. One glimmer of hope in this area (according to U.S. Census Bureau findings) is that more women are now graduating college than men, thus filling higher paying jobs. More women work full-time (currently over 60% as opposed to 40% in 1970) and more women than men are classified as “professionals” [US Dept. of Labor]. Women’s earnings are growing faster than men’s at all education levels. From 1979 to 2003, the wages of women working full-time increased by over 27%.

    In addition to the fact that women are earning more, they also have the largest say in how those earnings are spent, controlling more than $5 trillion in consumer spending each year. That’s more than 50% of the U.S. GDP! In my upcoming professional development seminar hosted by the Knoxville Chamber, I’ll be sharing more ideas on how businesses can capitalize on the “power of the purse,” including offering insight on how to define brands and tailor key messages to women in the marketplace.

    FletcherPR has built a business (and a brand) around its expertise in crafting messages that resonate with female consumers and executing successful marketing and PR campaigns in that space. From spermicide to jewelry to Botox and oral care products, attendees will gain important insight that will help to propel their organizations toward greater reaches within this important market segment.

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