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    Three Myths About Millennial Moms


    What’s the big deal about Millennial Moms anyway? According to babycenter, there are nine million of them in the U.S., and they yield about $170-200 billion in spending power. Millennial Moms are a big deal.  

    Millennial Moms are the most diverse generation of mothers our country has ever seen. In order to be effective, we must lose the stereotypes and utilize strategies unique to her individualism. To that end, here are three big myths that crop up from time to time when discussing Millennial Moms with brand marketers.  

    #1 She’s abandoned Facebook for Instagram. 

    Wrong. While this may seem true for younger millennials, she’s still all about Facebook. Facebook is the social media platform of choice for 86 percent of Millennial Moms, followed by YouTube at 58 percent. Instagram lags at number four as only about 30 percent of Millennial Moms report using Instagram on a regular basis. 

    Not only do Millennial Moms rely on Facebook for parenting advice, new moms post 2.5 times more status updates, 3.5 times more photos and 4.2 times more video (source: AdWeek). 

    A solid Facebook strategy is paramount when targeting Millennial Moms. 

    #2 She doesn’t watch television anymore. 

    Surprisingly, Millennial Moms watch 2.3 hours of television per day, not including streaming services like Netflix or watching online. Television advertising is expensive and risky, but if you have the data and budget to validate a TV media buy, it’s still a viable means to reach Millennial Moms. 

    #3. She’s married. 

    According to researchers at Johns Hopkins University, most American mothers aged 26-31 had at least one child when they were not married. As the number of single Millennial Moms increases, marketers must become focused on hyper-segmentation. Millennial Moms are more diverse than ever – traditional families aren’t quite as common as they were in other generations and that should be reflected in marketing strategy. 

    Millennial Moms are a tough nut to crack, but if you can reach her, convince her to buy and follow through with an excellent consumer experience, she’ll tell everyone she knows. 

    Fletcher Marketing PR is a full-service marketing agency specializing in reaching highly specific groups of women.  

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