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    #MsInterPReted - Data in the Details: A Better Advocacy Model

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    How must strategic communicators use data effectively in their communications campaigns, advocacy work and in counsel to senior management?

    Professor Ana Adi of Quadriga University in Berlin, Germany, delves into this topic, with a passion for making our work stronger through the power of the best information and insights.

    Professor Adi discusses with Mary Beth:
    • Her career path in public relations and how the field has evolved – including the issue of how public relations itself is defined
    • Her early life experience growing up in Romania, within a country under a Communist government, and its impact on her perspective
    • Perspectives of “having something to say” and how that parlays into creation of her own #WomenInPR podcast
    • How gender diversity is missed in history and how the legacy impacts workforce issues, including in a specific way in public relations and how ideas in this field are influenced by lack of gender diversity
    • How practitioners must apply data in the best ways and why it matters
    • Why data must be – in part – a “What have you achieved…?” question
    • How data should not simply exist as some “shiny box, where you take data in and take data out” – and instead, make sure it is a holistic enterprise for the set-up of a research program
    • The ways in which “vanity metrics” fill meaningless spaces without read value to a relationship-management program 
    • What her frustration points are about AVE as a form of false measurement
    • Why “the sale is not closed by PR” but rather exists as part of a larger ecosystem while still being behavioral-objective driven
    • How the “media relations” paradigm of PR has evolved massively… but how too many clients think through this narrow prism, to their own limitation – and their data priorities (or lack thereof) often reflect this limitation
    • How clients should consider data as part of potential corporate activism… and exactly what qualities define “an activist” – and they don’t always confirm with “rage” or “dissent” / opposition (“We are ALL activists.”) 
    • What the ethics implications are of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how well (or poorly) postured the public relations profession is; and how “digital literacy” is a much more germane overarching skill set in PR
    • What type of “voice” strategic communicators must have to be relevant in the AI conversation … with meaningful impact.
    • And more

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