#MsInterPReted - *Planning* The 2022 Plan: 5 Essentials for Strategic Development

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It's not too early to begin "planning to get a plan" for strategic development, in anticipation of the upcoming fiscal year -- particularly for organizations that easily fall into the trap of racing through their strategic planning process without proper data and insight or ... worse still ... treat deep-dive planning as an afterthought.

Fletcher Marketing PR CEO Kelly Fletcher and Senior Strategist Mary Beth West discuss five essential elements that they urge clients and organizations to consider, as part of the upcoming strategic plan ramp-up.

1.      Getting the Research Right
2.     Applying the Critical Eye
3.     Capturing What’s Wrong and What’s Right
4.     Committing to Communication
5.     Involving Your Team at Every Level

Kelly and Mary Beth explore these five essential elements of undertaking a meaningful and effective strategic planning initiative -- whether for an upcoming fiscal year, for a new R&D effort/product launch, or any organizational development effort, aimed at future success.

With some 50 years combined experience in helping clients tackle planning with a data-informed focus, Kelly and Mary Beth discuss what they've seen organizations do well (and not-so-well) in their planning exercises, and how the post-pandemic shifts in "normalcy" for most organizations must factor into the conversation, going forward.

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