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    MsInterPReted: PR Predictions for 2023



    Allison and Sarah discuss the Fletcher Marketing PR team’s predictions for public relations trends for 2023. With the end of the year around the corner, it is important to be thinking about strategic plans for the future. They talk through these predictions, the implications and benefits for businesses to look toward in the new year. 

    In this episode Allison and Sarah discuss predictions about: 

    • Changes in the economy 
    • The death of influencer marketing
    • The importance of paid media 
    • Gathering and dissemination of data 
    • Increase in need for owned media 
    • Innovation and integration 
    • Taking a stand on social issues
    • Diversity, equity and inclusion

      With the ever changing landscape of marketing, many would be surprised to learn that the current trends that have saturated the industry are not going to be the best strategic plan forever. Sarah and Allison talk about one such trend: influencers. 

      Sarah, an influencer herself, advises “74% of consumers trust an influencer over a brand. So people would probably see a lot of these statistics and say, well, how is influencer marketing dead? So where I'm coming from with this is that there's been a shift and you look at documentaries, fake famous, for instance, or you look at some of the parody accounts like Influencers in the Wild and the connotation with influencers, that's become very negative. A lot of influencers are out there. They're looking for fame. Some of them have bought their followers and they're posting just in order to get payment and free gifts and just free stuff, and they're a dime a dozen.” 

      They also discuss the internal trends that CEO, Kelly Fletcher, says more business will be taking seriously. 

      Allison's comments on diversity, equity and inclusion “we've seen a lot of pressure on companies, large and small, to really up their game when it comes to inclusivity and diverse hiring. And now Kelly is saying that companies are gonna take it a step further and actually put some measurements in place to, to put their money where their mouth is and show where they're moving the needle on DEI and I have the metrics to prove that they're trying and have a proactive strategy in place for hiring practices and encouraging and inclusive work environment.”

      Listen to this episode of MsInterPReted to hear what the Fletcher team says on all of these topics. 


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