PR & Entrepreneurship:  Managing Stress & Burnout

12.10.19 Ms-Interpreted_Title-Card_Ep13

Few careers offer the dynamic, exciting day-to-day work diversity, fast pace and intellectual stimulation as the public relations field. But alongside the adrenaline rush also comes PR's dubious honor of being ranked consistently as one of the most high-stress careers ... and the impact can take a real toll on both agency entrepreneurs and the larger PR workforce alike. To compound the issue further, openly discussing the issue has -- for decades -- been an unspoken taboo . . . but finally, this compounding factor is starting to change.

Kelly and Mary Beth share with striking candor and transparency their own career experiences with challenges of work/life balance and managing the daily hamster wheel -- and how others can manage these stresses with preventative self-care in ways that help lift themselves up -- and hopefully, those around them as well.

The holiday season at year-end can be spiritually fulfilling and laden with good cheer . . . but it's also a time of over-booked calendars, never-ending "to do" lists (both personally and professionally) and -- in the agency business -- year-end tasks coupled with plans for the upcoming New Year Q1 that might derail well-meaning intentions to take peaceful R&R with family and friends.

Every PR professional encounters workplace stress at any time of the year . . . but what happens when stresses go into overdrive and start resulting in deeper, more negative impacts on one's mindset, energy level and an ability to bring one's best self to their teams (and to their own personal lives)?

In this episode, Kelly and Mary Beth share what some of the unique challenges entail of founding, launching and sustaining over many years a thriving public relations agency . . . and how both employers and employees alike should be more aware of one another's challenges and needs in order to create a healthy workplace culture, conducive to great business results and healthy mindsets year-round.


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