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    How to Foster Trust for Marketing Success

    Thursday, May 2, 2024 Sarah Merrell

    In our latest Entrepreneur Leadership Network article we discuss the importance of trust and how to use public relations and marketing to foster trust with your target audience.

    Trust stands as a cornerstone of success, serving as the linchpin that can elevate a brand from mere existence to market dominance. Statistics underscore this reality, with a significant majority of consumers expressing a preference for brands they trust, particularly among the influential Gen Z demographic. Consequently, businesses must adapt to this paradigm shift by prioritizing transparency, authenticity, and genuine connections over outdated sales tactics. This entails embedding trust into every facet of operations, from product development to customer engagement, to reap the rewards of enhanced customer loyalty, a sterling reputation, and a competitive edge in the marketplace.

    To navigate this trust-centric terrain effectively, businesses must employ strategic trust-building tactics that resonate with modern consumers. We offer five tactics to embed trust into your public relations strategy.

    As businesses adapt to meet evolving consumer expectations, the imperative of cultivating trust remains paramount. By embracing transparency, authenticity, and reliability in their marketing efforts, brands can forge enduring connections with consumers, perpetuating the cycle of trust and loyalty that underpins sustained success in today's dynamic marketplace.

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    Intern Position Description

    Tuesday, May 31, 2022 Sarah Merrell

    Reports to: Vice President Client Service & Operations Status: Regular Part-Time
    15-20 hours per week
    Pay ranges from $15-$18 hour
    Objective: To provide support to internal teams and assist with client service.
    • To model behavior that demonstrates a positive commitment to fellow Fletcher employees,
    clients and the community.
    • To promote respect for and appreciation of all individuals, traditions and lifestyles.
    • To demonstrate and promote a climate of courtesy and professionalism toward all.
    • Writing and editing press releases, blogs and various other content
    • Utilization of Meltwater media database for research and media contact list development
    • Research journalists and pitch story angles
    • Track and report on pitching progress and results
    • Social media content development (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn)
    • Research on a wide variety of topics
    • Event management and support
    • File management and organization for cloud storage
    • Assists with monthly client reporting compiling metrics and analytics into digestible reports
    • Manages weekly workflow and tracks time on software management platform
    • Other duties as assigned
    Qualification Requirements:
    • Minimum of 3rd year student (seniors or graduate students preferred) in related field (PR,
    communications, journalism)
    • Previous agency or in-house PR intern experience preferred
    • Demonstrated writing skills for diverse media (press releases, blogs, promotional copy)
    • Direct social media experience
    • Website content management experience preferred
    • Fluent with Microsoft Office Suite. Knowledge of media databases, Sprout, Basecamp and
    FreshBooks preferred (but will train)
    • High attention to detail
    • Strong multi-tasking capabilities
    • Ability to work both independently on a virtual team

    Should I Stay or Should I Go: What keeps employees

    Monday, Nov 22, 2021 Sarah Merrell

    As the Great Resignation continues at a record-breaking pace, I see people all around me jumping ship for better opportunities, higher pay, more benefits or improved work/life balance. I’m well aware that ample job openings are out there—perhaps offering something marginally more desirable—yet I stay. The Great Resignation may be making headlines but the story that isn’t being told as frequently is the “why” behind those of us who have remained. I suppose you could call us the “Lesser Retained.” For businesses, it’s critical to understand what motivates employees to stay just as much as a recruitment strategy and to incorporate it into internal communications. But first I’ll share the reasons why I felt compelled to remain in my role.

    empowered women, PR, Communications, Burnout, workplace, Fletcher PR, Big Quit

    Ms. InterPReted Episode 4 - Tennessee Tourism PR: It's All That & A Sip of Whiskey

    Wednesday, Oct 9, 2019 Sarah Merrell


    podcast, kelly fletcher, mary beth west, PR News, Ms. Interpreted, whiskey, tourism, Grains & Grits

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