#MsInterPReted - Brilliant Simplicity: How Mike Ragsdale Turned Florida's 30A into the Most Beach Happy Brand in America

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Mike Ragsdale, founder and CEO of the popular 30A lifestyle brand which was inspired by the scenic 30A highway along Florida’s Gulf Coast, says he remains driven by this simple goal: be happy, and inspire others to live the life they’ve imagined. When he and his wife Angela relocated their family to Florida, Mike purchased the domain 30A.com to begin as a blog. It’s hard to imagine he had any idea then what an iconic, worldwide brand 30A.com would become. The 30A brand can be found in 380 stores nationwide and boasts eco-friendly clothing, décor, drinkware, electric bikes, skincare and even beer and wine.

Listen as Kelly and Mike discuss Mike’s entrepreneurial successes….and failures…. the pursuit of happiness and bringing a piece of the laid-back beach lifestyle to people everywhere.

Mike graduated with a degree in communications from The University of Alabama, and later earned his master’s degree in advertising and public relations. After graduating, Mike enjoyed success as an early pioneer of the internet before working as CMO of a healthcare IT company. He and his wife Angela have four children.

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