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    #MsInterPReted - PRCA Ramp-Up of COVID-19 PR Industry Resources

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    Based in London, U.K., Koray Camgoz, MPRCA, serves as Head of Communications and Marketing for the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA). He is an internationally experienced, post-graduate communications specialist with an eye for news, a passion for digital and a track record of crafting impactful communications strategies that deliver business results.

    On this episode of #MsInterPReted, Koray lends a wide-ranging view of how COVID-19 has impacted the UK and larger global market, and how the PRCA has undertaken fast-paced, diverse response.

    As the PRCA’s full focus has shifted toward COVID-19 PR industry crisis resource-development, Koray is working with the full PRCA team (working for weeks now under the UK government’s national lockdown from home-based / remote locations) as well as volunteer senior leadership team based in locations spanning the globe, to deliver solutions and resources to its 35,000 members worldwide.

    On April 2, 2020, the PRCA announced that it is providing six months of free individual membership to anyone who has lost their job in the public relations industry, or to anyone who is self-employed and has seen a significant decline in their income. The offer is open to members and non-members alike from across the globe – including the U.S. – and the PRCA says it will take the word of self-employed practitioners who claim they have suffered losses.

    Included in Kelly’s and Mary Beth’s discussion with Koray: 
    • What the citizen experience has been in the UK with the COVID-19 onslaught … being some 2-3 weeks ahead of the United States in absorbing the realities of the situation
    • How the PRCA’s new COVID-19 Task Force is on the forefront of the industry to produce in-depth resources to the industry – beyond just communications issues but also core business issues, including for the agency community
    • How the PRCA is extending meaningful professional community and a supportive network to its individual and organizational network, across countries, sectors and situational challenges in the industry
    • The importance of mental health and wellness and the PRCA’s proactive response to at-risk communities as well as for all industry professionals who are being impacted in such sudden, sweeping ways
    • The PRCA has a free-access Mental Health Tool Kit to provide resources for agency owners, line managers and front-line staff
    • How the PRCA will take full steps to help mitigate serious outcomes for practitioners and agencies alike
    • How the PRCA works to impact governmental policy that affects practitioners in their ability to do their jobs, to compete and to perform the most ethical, effective work for their organizations and clients
    • And more.


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